Public Notice is notice required by law, statute or regulation that informs citizens of government’s activities that may affect a citizen’s financial interests or constitutional rights. Our federal, state and local governments require notice by publication of government actions in a qualified newspaper.

Public Notice is based on the concept that the very existence of government by the people and for the people in a representative democracy depends on every citizen’s right to be informed of government-related or government activities.

Every man, woman and child in the United states is born with the Right to Know what our public officials are doing with responsibility entrusted to them. Public Notices are either government accounting notice or warning notice.

In Utah, there are numerous laws in the Utah Code which govern publication of notice; the most common ones are the following:

Newspaper of general circulation requirements: Utah Code: 45-1-101

Trustee Sale Notices: Utah Code: 57-1-25

Notice to Creditors: Utah Code: 75-3-801

Auction Notices: Utah Code: 38-8-3

Summons Notices: Rules of Civil Procedure, Rule 4 Process(c)(1)

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